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The Club 45 Foundation opens its doors

Alejandro Diez (in the photo) led two unavoidable bands within national pop as they were The Crushes and Cooper. Now he manages, in the beautiful Leonese town of Santa Colomba de Somoza, the Club 45 Foundationwhich will definitively open its doors on June 1.

The Club 45 Foundation It is imposed as a hodgepodge of archive and museum dedicated to the mod universe and that pop era dating from the sixties that, above all, aims to be a meeting point and space for the exchange of ideas, as well as a place for conservation and study. A (non-profit) space for dissemination, debate and enjoyment for creators, cultural managers and intermediaries, which at the same time offers quality leisure proposals for residents and visitors.

The programming of Club 45 Foundation It will be based on thematic cycles, developed either in consecutive days on a specific basis or with a specific periodicity (a monthly or bimonthly appointment). Some of these cycles will start in the months of June and July, among which the following stand out:

“The nightclub of…”: Commented audition in which the guest chooses and reviews between twelve and fifteen songs, selected from the records in their collection. Musicians, writers or music journalists will recount anecdotes and memories to give way to listening to their favorite songs. The day will be rounded off by a second activity, “From the Hand of…”, consisting of a visit to the permanent exhibition of the Graphic Archive of the Pop Era, commented by the guest.

“Meeting point – Booksellers Cycle”: One Sunday of each month, booksellers from all over Spain will be invited to talk about their proposals in two personalized talks. There will also be an exhibition and sale of copies.

“Mod Party – Alldayer Mod”: The permanent exhibition is dedicated to beat music and the sixties, so one Saturday a month will be dedicated to the mod public. During daytime, specialized DJs will offer a quality musical selection where explosive beat, soul and rhythm'n'blues songs will play. Alldayers, like the famous allnighters, but during the day: adapted to the spirit of the center.

“Mondo Lab 45 – Pop Culture Laboratory”: In collaboration with Mondo Sonoro northwest edition, the idea is to program musical performances from an original and innovative point of view. An activity that, once a month, transcends the traditional concept of a concert, with the selected band offering several shows during the weekend. Along with the performance, a parallel program is planned that will include exhibitions, DJ sessions, talks or projections.

The already confirmed programming for June and July is as follows:


Saturday 1 – Welcome Party (Multipurpose Room)
Dj's Félix Brubaker & Nuria Groovie

Sunday 2 – Welcome Party (Multipurpose Room)
Dj's Juancho Lizard & Saltitos DJs

Saturday 8 – MOD PARTY (Mod Alldayer) (Multipurpose Room)
Dj's Roch Da Mod & Álvaro Dimples

Saturday 15th – LA DISCOTECA DE… Jose Ramón Pardo
13:00 – Visit to the Graphic Archive BY THE HAND OF…
16:30 – Talk/Audition LA DISCOTECA DE…

Héctor Escobar (Eolas / University Bookstore / Espacio Factor)
13:00 – OUR BOOKSTORE talk

Wednesday 26 – Exhibition Opening
Lorenzo Rodríguez & Pepo Perandones
Collaborator: Huerta de San Antonio Foundation


Saturday 6 – MONDO LAB 45 – COLORADO
12:30 – Welcome Talk “A book, a painting, a movie” (Classroom)
13:00 – First Electrical Set (Multipurpose Room)
16:30 – “The Videoconference” (Classroom)
18:00 – Second Electrical Set (Multipurpose Room)
19:00 – DJ's Audition/Session “favorite songs” (Multipurpose Room)
Sunday 7 – MONDO LAB 45 – COLORADO
11:00 – “The Oak Grove Path” (itinerant)
13:00 – Third Electrical Set (Multipurpose Room)

Clara Sánchez (October Bookstore – Zamora)
13:00 – OUR BOOKSTORE talk

Saturday 20 – MOD PARTY (Mod Alldayer) (Multipurpose Room)
Dj's Paco Mena (Scooter Club Lorca) & Conrado Martín (León)

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th – “CABRERIZO” WEEKEND
Presentations, talks about books, albums and films and PsychoBeat sessions by the writer and columnist Felipe Cabrerizo

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