The Bizarrap effect does not take Lismar to the top… for now

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The Bizarrap effect does not take Lismar to the top… for now

After signing notable collaborations with Shakira, Quevedo and Peso Pluma, Bizarrap returns to its origins by launching a session with an emerging artist. Dominican Lismar barely had about 50,000 listeners on Spotify before collaborating with Bizarrap. Now, the figure is around one million.

Bizarrap and Lismar join forces in session number 60, which comes after session 59, starring Natanael Cano. Lismar hops on a Bizarrap production inspired by 80s hip-hop, as maximalist and full of effects as usual.

In less than a week, Bizarrap's 60th session has surpassed one million listens, although on the Spotify charts it is going more unnoticed than probably expected, as it barely appears at number 144 in Spain and number 188 in Uruguay. .

It won't be because of Lismar's talent for spitting bars at the speed of light. In his verses he boasts of being “the fashion”, he shows his neighborhood pride by stating that he “grew up on the corner” and that the street taught him to be “tough, but fine”, and he compares himself to the British performer, rapping that “of the Dominican Republic I am a sovereign / I am going to die crown' like Princess Diana.”

Lismar, whose real name is Patricia Lismary Fernández Soto, has been making herself known in the world of so-called urban music since the pandemic. Born in the neighborhood of Los Mina, Santo Domingo, she has begun to make a name for herself with small hits like 'No me dice mah 2' or 'A mi mama'. Now, both the 60th session and a second alliance with Biza in 'Subió la tempratura', promise to make it known to a larger audience.

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