The biggest hits of 2023 in Spain: Bizarrap and Shakira lead

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The biggest hits of 2023 in Spain: Bizarrap and Shakira lead

When Bizarrap and Shakira announced their collaboration at the beginning of last year, the reception was brutal: the media unraveling the lyrics of the song, YouTubers and influencers publishing their reaction to the song on social networks, the radio stations receiving it with great enthusiasm… And the success it would soon become acclaim. The 53rd session of Bizarrap, which has earned the Argentine and the Colombian the Latin Grammy for Song of the Year, is certified as the biggest hit of 2023 in our country.

This is the second consecutive year in which Bizarrap manages to lead the annual list of most successful songs in Spain. The producer just achieved it in 2022 thanks to his collaboration with Quevedo and he achieved it again in 2023 due to his collaboration with Shakira. The Colombian’s triumph is also double: she places her hit with Karol G, ‘TQG’, in her top 6. In total, four are the Bizarrap sessions that are among the biggest hits of the year, while five are the ones that Shakira includes.

In a list full of foreign artists, the merit of the Spaniards who manage to stand out is greater. Vicco enjoys the highest position with his ‘Nochentera’ in the top 3, while Quevedo appears twice in the top 10 with ‘Playa Del Inglés’ (#7) and ‘Columbia’ (#8). Rosalía also enters the top of the list with ‘Beso’ (#9). Other Spanish songs that stand out among the hits of 2023 are ‘El Tonto’ by Lola Índigo (#11), ‘Supernova’ by Saiko (#19), ‘Clavaito’ by Chanel and Abraham Mateo (#21), ‘If You Are Not ‘ by Iñigo Quintero (#30) or ‘Todo Contigo’ by Álvaro de Luna.

As for songs in English, Miley Cyrus takes a great top 14 thanks to ‘Flowers’. You have to go down a lot to find other songs in the same language, like ‘Calm Down’ by Rema (#57), ‘As It Was’ by Harry Styles (#80) or ‘I’m Good (Blue)’ by David Guetta and Bebe Rexha (#85).

This is how the top 10 looks. The complete annual top 100 can be consulted on the official Promusicae website.

1.-Bizarrap, Shakira / BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53
2.-Marshmello, Manuel Turizo / El Merengue
3.-Vicco / Nightingale
4.-Manuel Turizo / La Bachata
5.-Yandel, Feid / Yandel 150
6.-Karol G, Shakira / TQG
7.-Quevedo, Myke Towers / Playa del Inglés
8.-Quevedo / Columbia
9.-Rosalía, Rauw Alejandro / Kiss
10.-Myke Towers / LALA

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