La película de Bat For Lashes se estrenará a finales de mes

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The Bat For Lashes movie will be released at the end of the month

The British artist Bat For Lashes announces the film “The Dream Of Delphi: A New Transmission” that accompanies his most recent album “The Dream Of Delphi” and will be available on May 31.

Natasha Khanthe thinking brain behind Bat For Lasheshas revealed his latest film project titled “The Dream Of Delphi: A New Transmission”. This film accompanies his latest album “The Dream Of Delphi” which will be available next May 31 under the seal Mercury KX.

Throughout her career, the artist has been recognized for her ability to create visual stories that complement her music. However, this time around, she has taken her creativity a step further with the release of this film. Project that stands as an essential component of her new full-length musical work.

Natasha has collaborated closely with the creative director and choreographer Alexandra Greenas well as with the director Freddie Leyden. Together, they have given life to a cinematographic work that acts as a visual score in tune with the album's musical compositions. Every detail, from the artistic direction to the choreography, has been conceived to create an immersive and exciting experience.

“It explores on the one hand the rawness and human complexity that infused my experience. On the other, the mythical and universal realizations that occurred during my journey to and through motherhood. This film is created, like the album, as a balm and maternal document not only for my daughter Delphi, but for all of us, and hopes to celebrate and validate the power of the Mother for all of us,” he commented khan about the film through social networks.

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