Los asiáticos Elephant Gym y Wang Wen debutarán en Barcelona

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The Asians Elephant Gym and Wang Wen will debut in Barcelona

The two Asian bands Elephant Gym (Taiwan) and Wang Wen (Dailan) will visit Barcelona in mid-May for the first time to present their solid proposals.

Sometimes it is difficult to expand our musical horizons and listen to groups that move away from the European or North American mainstream, and that is why we must be attentive to all the proposals that come from around the world to our cities. It is the case of Elephant Gym, from Taiwan and Wang Wen, the quintet from Dailan, China. Both will perform in the Nau Room in Barcelona he May 15 and 20 respectively, in concerts that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Elephant Gym They celebrate ten years since the publication of their first EP “Balance” (13). The Taiwanese trio is made up of KT Chan (bass guitarist), Tell Chang (guitar) and Your Chia Chin (battery). The three of them, classical music students, discovered their passion for the scene together. math-rock Japanese and started their own adventure. Little by little they included new style inspirations such as free jazz or the ambientcreating a unique proposal that will now be discovered to us.

The Taiwanese will have The Third Semester as guests to open the concert, one of the revitalizing bands of the math-rock national with works such as “#Tendertropic” (13).

A few days later they will arrive Wang Wen to the Nau. The band is considered a true giant of Chinese instrumental rock. The group was born in 1999, with the intention of bringing the post-rock to a new level. In Barcelona they will unfold the potential of their emotional and melancholic proposal.

For the Elephant Gym concert on May 15, you can purchase your tickets at this link. You can also purchase your tickets for Wang Wan on May 20 below.

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