Taylor Swift postpones Rio show after fan's death

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Taylor Swift postpones Rio show after fan’s death

Taylor Swift has reported through social networks that a fan of hers has died before her concert in Rio de Janeiro, it is thought that it was due to the heat wave, since these days it is reaching 40º C, when it has not yet Summer has arrived in Brazil.

The singer has indicated that she would not be able to talk about this during the show, which took place this Friday, November 17. «With a broken heart I tell you that we have lost a fan before my concert today. I can’t even tell you how devastated I feel (…) I’m not going to be able to talk about this on stage because I’m overcome with grief. “I want to say that I am very sorry for this loss and my broken heart goes out to his friends and family.”

The Taylor Swift fan was called Ana Clara Benevides, she was 23 years old and a psychology student, as Pitchfork reports. According to her companion Theo Fernandes, she was in the front row when she fainted, she received assistance for 40 minutes, she was taken to the hospital, and there she suffered a second cardiac arrest and died.

Taylor stopped the concert twice to distribute water, and threw bottles towards the audience. Firefighters have reported that about a thousand people fainted from the heat, and many vomited. Taylor Swift’s tour includes more dates in Brazil, and the artist has decided to postpone the second due to high temperatures.

The fans had asked through the networks that water be distributed for free, since it is prohibited to enter with bottles, and the government has immediately listened to them. The Minister of Justice Flávio Dino has communicated through Twitter that starting today it will be possible to bring water to events of this type, and that it will be mandatory to distribute free water in such extreme conditions. He has said that the rule would come into force in less than an hour via urgent means.

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