Tate McRae dances to the rhythm of her 'exes'

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Tate McRae dances to the rhythm of her ‘exes’

If someone had to write a list of the breakout artists of this year’s end, Tate McRae’s name would probably be among the first. And not precisely because she has just arrived, since she already published her debut album at the beginning of 2022, but because it was in 2023 when she began to be taken seriously within the pop scene.

His song ‘greedy’ has become one of the biggest hits of recent months. The song served as a letter of introduction to a completely new Tate McRae, who leaves the characteristic lament of her best songs to date such as ‘you broke me first’ or ‘feel like shit’, to show a partying and even ironic image to her love failures.

But if there were people who wondered if ‘greedy’ would be an exception, the publication of ‘exes’ confirms the artist’s intentions. The single serves as the second preview of her new album, ‘THINK LATER’, which arrives on music platforms on December 8. In this one, she once again brings together the same elements that made her stand out in ‘greedy’, although perhaps without the surprise factor and assuming the inevitable comparisons.

Using a narrative similar to that of ‘greedy’, Tate McRae laughs at her previous partners in ‘exes’, going so far as to blow kisses to those “who give a shit about me.” “We make up, then we break up, then they swear they’ll never call me,” he sings in the chorus. “I’m sorry you love me,” he laughs later.

More empowered than ever, Tate McRae is approaching the release of her second studio album with a hit and a good pop song. And, unlike her debut album, she does so after having managed to considerably increase the number of people interested in her music. Now she has to achieve the most difficult thing: not disappoint them in the face of high expectations.

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