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Suzete gets it right, Álex Marquez and Salma not so much, in their singles

Today, January 26, apart from the releases available on Spotify, the first singles from three former Operación Triunfo 2023 contestants are released exclusively on Amazon Music, these are Suzete, the first to be expelled; Álex Marquez and Salma. Each one presents themselves with a sound that is perfectly associable to the type of music they have declared they want to explore during their time at the Academy.

Operación Triunfo 2023 continues next Monday, reaching its ninth gala. After the expulsion of Cris, Álvaro and Paul risk their stay in the contest this week.

Suzete, ‘Kambalewa’
Suzete may suffer the same fate as Lola Indigo and Mai Meneses, the first to be expelled from their first editions… or not. For now, Suzete delivers a first single completely dedicated to Afrobeat, without dramatic changes in style or tempo. ‘Kambalewa’ (“liberated” in Swahili) is based on a bailongo beat signed by KICKOMBO, producer of ‘Copiloto’ by Belén Aguilera, and the hook “kombolewa ma ma ma” obviously plays with the sound of the song’s title.

Álex Márquez, ‘The Way’
Álex Márquez, the fifth expelled from Operación Triunfo 2023, says he is a staunch follower of artists like Dani Fernández. ‘El Modo’ introduces Márquez fully into the Los 40 Principales sound with an outdated mix of pop-rock and keyboards in which the drums sound strangely muffled. Márquez, helpless, tries to make a failed relationship “work again” in this production by Chechu, who has worked with Chanel, David Bisbal and Christian Nodal.

Salma, ‘La Mira’
Salma opts for the mix of genres in ‘La Mirá’ and, under the production of Kabasaki, known for his work with Don Patricio and Lenis Rodríguez, also for the mutation of tempos, in this recording that goes from bolero to trap, even bringing echoes of salsa and guaracha, like that strange Christina Aguilera single that divided her followers. Salma focuses on a girl with “red lips” in this song that at the moment does not make her shine vocally.

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