Supersubmarine will tell their story in 'Something that serves as light'

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Supersubmarine will tell their story in ‘Something that serves as light’

Supersubmarina have announced the launch of ‘Something that serves as light’, a book in which they will tell the story of their serious accident in 2016 and the physical and emotional consequences that it had on its four members, José Chino, Jaime, Pope and Juanca. The book has been written based on a series of Supersubmarina conversations with the journalist Fernando Navarro that caused the members of the group to release “our fears, our insecurities; everything we had been keeping from each other all that time. ‘Something that serves as light’ comes out on April 4 through the Aguilar publishing house.

The title of ‘Something that serves as light’ is taken from a song by Supersubmarina, track 2 of their 2014 album ‘Viento de cara’, the last of their career.

«The accident we had on August 14, 2016 was such a tremendous shock for us that we were very helpless before the possibility of being able to give an explanation of what was really happening to us without inflicting even greater damage than we were already suffering. », narrates Supersubmarina in networks. «Faced with this situation, both our family and friends, as well as us, decided to close ranks to protect ourselves. We thought (and think) that that decision was the best one we could make to focus on our recoveries and, perhaps, one day get our lives back. And we would like to emphasize that “maybe” because, believe us, everything was much more complicated than we would have imagined.

“Although the band never stopped maintaining contact, since we are all lifelong friends and live in Baeza,” the group continues, “little by little we distanced ourselves with the aim of trying, each in their own way, to get back together.” what is known today as a “new normal.” Our particular “new normal”».

“So, the months and years passed, and it was in 2022 when we met Fernando Navarro and something happened that none of us expected,” he continues. «As if it were a group therapy, what was initially going to be one of many more meetings, became the key that would forever open the Pandora’s Box of Supersubmarina. Our minds began to open. Our fears, our insecurities; everything we had been keeping from each other all that time began to be released in the most organic way possible. Without being aware of it, Fernando had acted as a catalyst for all our emotions and Supersubmarina, not Jose, not Juanca, not Pope, not Jaime, Supersubmarina, for the first time in a long time began a therapy that has lasted two years. And the result of that therapy is this book that you will soon be able to have in your hands, where for the first time we tell our true story and where you can surely find the answers to many of the questions that you have asked us since everything happened.

P.S. We thank you infinitely for your reactions yesterday. You have no idea how overwhelmed we are at this very special moment. We are as eager as you and you to resume musical activity and I hope this book-made therapy represents a new starting point for Supersubmarina and helps us achieve this goal sooner rather than later.

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