Stella Maris releases the album 'La Casa Smells a Glory'

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Stella Maris releases the album ‘La Casa Smells a Glory’

The fictitious group of ‘La Mesías’ seems to be no longer so fictitious: Stella Maris crosses the screen and will publish her first album, ‘La Casa Smells a Gloria’, tonight on Spotify. It will be composed of a total of 9 songs, many already heard in the series itself, created by Hidrogenesse.

This news comes just a few days after Stella Maris was announced as part of the Primavera Sound 2024 lineup, so everything indicates that this project is very serious. For now, it is reminiscent of what was done at the beginning of the year in the series ‘Everybody Loves Daisy Jones’ when ‘AURORA’, the album that the fictional band sings throughout the episodes, was launched on platforms.

‘La Mesías’, the Los Javis series that premiered on October 11 on Movistar Plus+ and whose final episode aired last week, has received a good reception from critics. However, there has also been a lot of controversy over the similarity between Stella Maris and the religious pop group Flos Mariae, who expressed their rejection of it.

This is the tracklist for ‘La Casa Smells like Glory’:
1. Stella Maris
2. The house smells like Glory
3. The sewer
4. Jesus Christ where are you
5. The night the child God was born
6. Christ for you I exist
7. The flowers in my garden
8. Beloved Mother
9. Heaven’s Gate (Bonus Track)

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