St. Vincent's industrial stomp on 'Big Time Nothing'

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St. Vincent's industrial stomp on 'Big Time Nothing'

St. Vincent has just released a new album, 'All Born Screaming', a modern rock work like few others have heard. Annie Clark's imprint is once again present in the nerve and muscle of the electric guitars, while the tone is darker this time, compared to all of her previous works. The single 'Broken Man' is among the best of the year.

The following singles from 'All Born Screaming' have been equally recommendable: 'Flea' and, above all, 'Big Time Nothing', today's Song Of The Day.

If 'Flea' chooses a classic rock sound, 'Big Time Nothing' opts for industrial stomp, allowing itself to be influenced by different styles. The funk of Prince – and also of Lenny Kravitz – is present in the plucking and the funk rhythm of the base. The synthesizers, however, adhere to the industrial and the vocal part, almost to the spoken word. They say that 'Big Time Nothing' sounds like a mix between Björk's 'Army of Me' and U2's 'Numb'. They are not wrong.

The production on 'Big Time Nothing' is especially amazing. Annie Clark herself produced the album and in 'Big Time Nothing' she offers plenty of creativity at the controls, transforming the song into a true sound spectacle. At around minute 1.50, 'Big Time Nothing' becomes that example of a “psychotic” song that Clark has talked about in interviews.

The lyrics, for their part, are a list of refusals: “don't fall into disgrace, behave”, “don't fall, parade”, “don't behave according to your age”, “don't change your name”, “don't “You laugh, but smile.” 'Big Time Nothing' is written from the perspective of depression. “It's what depression tells you,” Clark explained. “It's like this anxious loop inside my head, that every day tells me: wake up, stupid, you think you're something and you're not fucking shit, idiot.” Little more to add.

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