“Sorry for being so sexy” and other jewels from Sónar 2024

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“Sorry for being so sexy” and other jewels from Sónar 2024

Not only Air, Jessie Ware, Paul Kalkbranner or the always reliable Laurent Garnier appear on the poster for the next edition of Sónar Festival. As always, diving into the programming you will find interesting names that are worth stopping by. With the programming revealed by day and time, we review those Sónar artists who are not so obvious but who present truly curious or interesting proposals.

Olof Dreijer

Known for being one of the two members of the innovative The Knife alongside his sister, Karen Dreijer, i.e. Fever Ray, Olof Dreijer has also built a solo career signing productions under the alias Oni Ayhun or under his own name. At Sónar he will offer, together with the Colombian percussionist Diva Cruz, a colorful session focused on percussions. Funk or batucada are part of his imagination.

Danny Tenaglia

That “music is the answer” is especially known by Danny Tenaglia, a house pioneer who has signed fundamental productions of the genre such as 'Music is the Answer' – which was a crossover hit in the United Kingdom – and has also created official remixes for people like Madonna or Jamiroquai. Anyone looking for pure Chicago house doesn't have to look any further than this Italian surname.

Loraine James

We met Loraine James when she signed the exquisite 'For You and I' back in 2019. Afterwards, her career has continued pointing to the future on albums like 'Reflection'. Her latest work, 'Gentle Confrontation', includes collaborations with Marina Herlop and George Riley and is once again a carefully woven amalgamation of styles. The Hyperdub seal does not fail.

yune pinku

On the hazy side of dance electronica, yunè pinku creates UK garage beats and wraps them in a sugar cloud. Between the nocturnal rhythms of 'Bluff' and the piano house of 'DC Rot', a restless artist emerges who likes to fly within her productions and who has collaborated with Disclosure and Logic1000 on the million-dollar hit 'What You Like', a cupcake

Laurel Halo

Laurel Halo, the electronic avant-garde whom we met for incredible albums like 'Quarantine' (2012), has stripped away all artifice in her latest work, 'Atlas', focusing on creating ethereal landscapes from the piano. The result is a moving collection of ambient jazz that Halo will present at Sónar featuring Leila Bourdreil on cello.


The dose of sticky bubblegum bass will be brought to Sónar by LaFrancesssa. Actually coming from Barcelona, ​​LaFrancesssa calls himself a “failed robot prototype”, but his productions are not failed at all: his recognized influences from SOPHIE and Arca are very well brought to light in great pieces like the one he co-signs with Chico Blanco, 'Mama , avui I don't sleep at home', or 'Wow loki'. Music made with the 'Hard cor', indeed.


Among the most special shows at Sónar we must mention the proposal of ASIANDOPEBOYS, a project by Tianzhuo Chen that digs its tentacles into various disciplines, ranging from installation to photography to music video. His show 'PHYSIS' promises to give something to talk about, extending up to six hours in length. And no, it's not a DJ set.

Meritxell de Soto

One of the curiosities of the next edition of Sónar is brought by Meritxell de Soto. Irresistible deconstructed club rhythms shoot out of his machines and hypnotize them. But her show also exploits a performative aspect: she DJs while lying on the floor and touches buttons even with her toes. The ground is her stage.


We told you about TAAHLIAH a couple of seasons ago on the occasion of their single 'Fall into Place'. TAAHLIAH's music – from Glasgow – reflects on the trans experience or the music industry using an exciting mix of hard rhythms and pop melodies that sounds forward-looking.


Anetha asks “sorry for being so sexy” in one of her most popular songs. Another of hers does her part in the -now extinct- 'Free Britney' movement (that's the name of another of her productions). Anetha's techno is classic and she draws on sounds like trance or drum n'bass to gain richness and dimension. The French DJ, also committed to the environment, is preparing her debut album.

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