Sorpasso: 'Popular' is Madonna's most listened to song;  Spain ignores her

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Sorpasso: ‘Popular’ is Madonna’s most listened to song; Spain ignores her

With nearly 450 million streams, and resurrected after Christmas in Spotify’s Global top 25, ‘Popular’ has become Madonna’s most listened to song in the history of this platform. There are those who will say that ‘Material Girl’ adds more listens if we alternate its different versions, but it is a matter of days before the “sorpasso” is definitive.

The collaboration with The Weeknd and Playboy Carti for the soundtrack of ‘The Idol’ has been a success especially in Australia and Canada (top 10), the United Kingdom (top 11), Germany (top 23) and the United States, where it has resisted 19 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 after having been top 43. As we say, the song has just resurfaced once the time of Christmas carols has passed, and it is expected to re-enter several international charts or rise in the countries where it was still on the chart. , to highlight again Australia.

The good acceptance on TikTok, on the Today’s Top Hits playlist, on some Anglo-Saxon radio stations and her time on Fortnite explain the success of ‘Popular’, which will be the first Madonna song to surpass 500 million streams on Spotify without a video clip in use. nor any television presentation. On YouTube ‘La Isla Bonita’ reigns with 850 million.

Some will argue that this is more of a The Weeknd song, as Madonna did not co-write it, but at least her voice is the first one heard on the recording, and the artist sings the second verse alone. As a curiosity, Spain is one of the countries where ‘Popular’ has worked the least. As has been happening with all Anglo-Saxon pop, none of the Latin countries have been fundamental in its development in the last 7 months.

However, the song did enter the French charts when The Weeknd took his tour to the French country (89th place), and in Italy, despite only being in the top 96, the song has just received the gold record after spending months in the top 200 from Spotify. Spain is one of the few countries in which the song has neither reached the official top 100 nor Spotify’s top 200. Our country has been faithful to Madonna even in eras as controversial as ‘MDNA’, but for some time now it is no longer a fundamental place for any Anglo artist.

On the other hand, we remind you that Madonna appears in the 2023 Yearbook edited by JENESAISPOP with the best of the year, in the Best Concerts section.

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