Sorpasso: 'Back on 74' is already Jungle's biggest hit

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Sorpasso: 'Back on 74' is already Jungle's biggest hit

Jungle is in luck because 'Back on 74' has just surpassed the reproductions of what until now was his most listened to song. 'Busy Earnin' was the song that introduced Jungle to the world, but the release of their fourth album, 'Volcano', has revitalized the career of the duo made up of producers Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, who have been joined by vocalist Lydia Kitto in this era, as few expected.

From the 159 million views of 'Busy Earnin' amassed over a decade, Jungle reaches 160 million with 'Back on 74' in less than a year. 'Back on 74', the fourth advance single from 'Volcano', released in August 2023, in the same week as the album's release, is already the biggest success of Jungle's career, a decade after the group's debut.

The commercial performance of 'Back on 74' has been tremendously stable in the UK since its release last summer. On the official UK Singles Chart list it remains at number 20 all these months later, and on the Spotify chart it rises from number 61. Its position would be higher if it weren't for the Taylor Swift avalanche.

The good reception of 'Back on 74' has recently contributed to its historic presentation at the BRIT Awards gala last March, designed to showcase the dancers, who take over the stage reproducing the choreography of the original video clip while Lydia Kitto sings and both Josh and Tom play happily in the background.

In recent weeks, Jungle has tried to encourage listening to 'Back on 74' by releasing its “sped up” version and two remixes by Full Crate and Joy Anonymous. But people still and will continue to prefer the official version. Hopefully the success of 'Back on 74' leaves the islands and becomes global: isn't it one of the potential songs of summer 2024?

We remind you that Jungle is one of the groups confirmed on the Bilbao BBK Live lineup, which takes place from July 11 to 13.

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