Sonus Faber Lumina V Amator and Lumina II Amator speakers

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Sonus Faber Lumina V Amator and Lumina II Amator speakers

The prestigious Italian firm Sonus Faber has just announced the market launch of two additions to your “collection” of speakers most popular, the Lumina, marketed in September of the very difficult year 2020 and which immediately became a Referrer within the competitive affordable High End market. It’s about the column Lumina V Amator and the compact monitor Lumina II Amatortwo models that represent a step forward in style and performance in order to raise even more a listening experience unanimously appreciated around the world. “Amator” is a highly evocative name in the history of the Arcugnano firm, as it has characterized all the special models developed by the brand over the years, becoming synonymous with uniqueness and exclusivity.

  Sonus Faber Lumina amator

On an aesthetic level, the new Lumina preserve the enclosure with a square base that identifies the range to which they belong, in order to enhance the quality of the materials used in their construction and further reinforcing the key values ​​of Sonus Faber, highlighting in this regard the use of new front panels of wood and a finish with dedicated high-gloss veneers. In the field of technology, the main novelty focuses on the frequency divider filterswhich draw on the advances included in the most recent generation of the elitist Homage series, case of the IFF circuitry (“Interactive Fusion Filtering”) and the coherent phase philosophye, to offer improvements in parameters such as resolution and consistency of the three dimensional presentation sound. For the rest, the technical characteristics of the base models are maintained, which means that the Lumina II Amator mounts one of the iconic dome tweeters 29mm hand-coated silk DAD (“Damped Apex Dome”) used in Sonus Faber’s Sonetto range and a “midwoofer” equipped with a 150 mm multi-fiber cone. In parallel, its compact and versatile design is ideal for easy installation inside a bookcase or on a shelf, and can also be placed in a floor stand to play the effects channels of a Home Theater system.

sonus faber lumina v amator

Moving on to the Lumina V Amator, it is an elegant column ideal for medium to large sized rooms that, thanks to the effectiveness of its conception acoustics, is capable of providing a generous response curve in frequency, a fabulous dynamic impact and one exquisite presentation of the middle zone. At the same time, its membership in the Lumina range guarantees splendid versatility which allows you to perform at your best both in the reproduction of music and film soundtracks. Regarding the electroacoustic configuration used, the Lumina V Amator is a 3-way bass-reflex system with 4 speakers, specifically one of the refined 29 mm hand-coated silk dome tweeters DAD (Damped Apex Dome) used in the Sonetto range from Sonus Faber, a midrange speaker with a 150 mm multifiber cone also imported from the Sonetto range and three woofers with a 165 mm sandwich structure diaphragm designed specifically for the Lumina series. Finally, let us point out that the two new Lumina Amator are built by hand in Italy.

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