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Sonus Faber Chameleon

Radicalism and visual exquisiteness in multipurpose loudspeakers with exceptional quality/price ratio

The Chameleon is a new series of speakers that democratizes some of the sophisticated innovations of the most recent generations from veteran manufacturer Sonus Faber. Composed of the Chameleon T column (for “tower”), the compact Chameleon B bookshelf monitor (for “bookshelf”) and the Chameleon Center center channel speaker, the new Sonus faber family has as common features the use of Highly stylized enclosures with aluminum elements, leather-covered front panels, interchangeable wooden side panels and minimalist topology crossover filters executed with audiophile-grade components. To all this we must add the important added value of design and manufacturing carried out entirely in Italy.

The Chameleon T
, very stylized and the highest model in the new range, stands out, first of all, for using an enclosure whose structure guarantees absolute rigidity and which has been configured in such a way as to drastically reduce internal resonances. Three-way bass-reflex design, the Chameleon T has a textile dome tweeter with special coating and a 29 mm diameter ferrofluid-free magnetic motor that is responsible for reproducing the treble. As for the mids, they are entrusted to a 150 mm transducer with a thermally molded polypropylene cone, while for the bass two 180 mm woofers with a polypropylene cone are used. These four transducers, which stand out for their behavior in dynamic regime and their extraordinary linearity, are governed by a filter whose phase response has been designed to provide a perfectly cohesive sound image.

For its part,
the Chameleon B
It is a very attractive bookshelf or stand-mounted speaker, whose appearance is strikingly enhanced by the non-parallelism of its front and rear panels and the metal trims that appear on it. Regarding the electroacoustic configuration used, it is a two-way, three-speaker bass-reflex system. Specifically, a custom-made 29 mm diameter treated textile dome tweeter and a 150 mm “midwoofer” with a polypropylene cone and low compression, which stands out for its exceptional dynamic capacity. And as far as the frequency divider filter is concerned, a minimalist design is used, as in the Chameleon T, executed with components selected for their musicality.

The Chameleon Series is completed with the elegant central speaker
Chameleon Center
, timbrally leveled with its range mates to facilitate the configuration of audiovisual sets perfectly cohesive from a timbral, spatial and aesthetic point of view. Extremely versatile, the Chameleon Center combines a highly rigid side-paneled enclosure with three speakers arranged in a two-way active/passive system and a crossover filter made from audiophile-grade components. The transducers used are a 29 mm diameter treated textile dome tweeter and an active “midwoofer” with a low compression design. This is equipped with a 150 mm high linearity polypropylene cone and a passive bass radiator with a 150 mm cone, which allows the response to be expanded in the lower octaves of the spectrum with a very low distortion rate.

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