“Songwriter”, nuevo disco con material inédito de Johnny Cash

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“Songwriter”, new album with unreleased material by Johnny Cash

A new posthumous album of unreleased materials by Johnny Cash, “Songwriter”, which has a scheduled release date of June 28. Confirmation has come with the release of “Well Alright”, the first preview of the album.

This new album is made up of original demos that the American Johnny Cash recorded in 1993 between different commitments. So, “Songwriter” collects the recordings that the country musician made with his guitar and includes the musicians with whom he played to finish dressing the songs: the guitarist Marty Stuarttheir last bassist Dave Roe —who died after working on this project— or the drummer Pete Abbotamong others.

The conceptual and organizational work on this album has been carried out by John Carter Cash, son of Johnny and June Carter Cashwhich has also co-produced “Songwriter” with David Ferguson. As he himself explains in the announcement that he has shared on instagram, it will be a surprising job: “I think it will turn the world upside down and surprise many people. “Shine, dad.”

The album will have eleven songs in total and focuses, as its name indicates, on the singer-songwriter spirit of Johnny Cash and in the sincerity of their stories. In addition, it will feature the collaborations of the musician from Black Keys Dan Auerbach, Vince Gill, Waylon Jennings, Ana Cristina Cash, Matt Combs, Mike Rojas, Russ Pahl, Sam Bacco, Kerry Marx and Harry Stinson.

“Songwriter” comes three years after the release of the live album by Johnny Cash “Bear's Sonic Journals: Live at the Carousel Ballroom, 4/24/1968”which includes a performance by the American in San Francisco.

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