Smashing Pumpkins comparten detalles del reality de Billy Corgan

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Smashing Pumpkins share details of Billy Corgan's reality show

The American band Smashing Pumpkins has offered more details about the new reality show in which he will star Billy Corgan. The group will perform this summer in Madrid Mad Cool and in Barcelona Cruilla.

The series, which will have eight episodes, will be called “Billy Corgan's Adventures In Carnyland” and will see the light first in the chain The CW on May 14. Thus, the band announced in a publication on X that the followers of Corgan You will be able to see “behind the scenes of Smashing Pumpkinsfamily and wedding Billythe National Wrestling Alliance and more”.

In another message, the Americans shared a quote that will appear in the series: “Wrestling is not really in my life.” Thus, they took the opportunity to create hype and ask “Who said this? Hint: the show also focuses on the behind-the-scenes of SP…”. In this sense, they also announce that “The show is honest and authentic… And important people from the lives of Billy “who… don't like wrestling.”

The production was announced in February and will focus, as you can already guess, on the participation of Corgan in the world of wrestling, in which he participates to the point of being president of the National Wrestling Alliance since 2017.

This eight-episode series has been directed by Volk-Weis and Ian Roumainwho have also produced the project with that of Smashing Pumpkinshis wife Chloe Mendel, Cisco Henson and Benjamin J. Frost. They have done it under the signature Nacelle Company.

Let us remember that The Smashing Pumpkins They will be performing at the Madrid festival Mad Cool (Wednesday, July 10) and in Barcelona Cruïlla (Saturday, July 13).

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