Silvana Estrada launches her ode to unrequited love

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Silvana Estrada launches her ode to unrequited love

Silvana Estrada has published a new single. ‘What a Problem’ is her ode to unrequited love, and it adopts a ballad form containing influences from jazz and American folk. “When two people love each other but only one has the will to try… it is a difficult situation to handle, people are not clear, we come and go,” says the Mexican about ‘What a problem’. «We make a lot of trouble for not saying things. This was my attempt to say them.

‘Qué problema’ is one of several singles published by Estrada in 2023. Before it has been possible to listen to ‘Milagro y disaster’. The song explores the idea that “the great events that change your life are always miracles and disasters at the same time”, and shows an evolution in its musical development, going from the lullaby played with an electric piano, to the entrance of some strings and, then, some lively percussions. “In this song I wanted to vindicate all the faces of love, even the love that hurts when it ends,” says the singer-songwriter. «I think that the relationship between miracle and disaster is pendulum and the movement of life always goes from one extreme to another. There is its magic and the magic of time.

Curiously, Estrada has also released two interesting versions this year. On the one hand, his cover of ‘Tom’s Diner’ has been added to the canon of adaptations of this famous a cappella written and sung by Suzanne Vega. Unlike DNA or Giorgio Moroder, Estrada has opted for a performance completely based on a set of voices, faithful to the original.

More surprising has been Estrada’s version of ‘Forever’ by CHVRCHES, adapted into Spanish with the title ‘Para siempre’. Estrada transforms CHVHRCHES’ synth-pop hit into a folk ditty that can no longer be out of place within his own repertoire.

‘Marchita’, Silvana Estrada’s first album, was one of the best of 2022 for JENESAISPOP. Then came the EP ‘Abrazo’.

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