Siege of Justin Timberlake over Britney Spears' memoirs

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Siege of Justin Timberlake over Britney Spears’ memoirs

‘The Woman I Am’, Britney’s memoir, hit shelves this week. Of course, she has done so leaving quite a few headlines. Her bad relationship with her family, how unprepared she feels right now to return to music… or Justin Timberlake.

One of the first fragments that was shared exclusively with the press was that the author of ‘Cry Me a River’ forced her to have an abortion. In addition, he would have cheated on her with another famous person during their relationship between 1999 and 2001. If Justin Timberlake was already questioned about his attitude towards Britney or Janet Jackson after their joint controversy at the Super Bowl, in recent days this issue has worsened. Pagesix publishes that Justin Timberlake is not going to answer anything found in the memoirs, that he has not contacted Britney to talk about the subject, but that he “is not happy with what is coming to light in the book.” Now, he has had to close Instagram comments.

Indeed, you cannot leave comments on Justin Timberlake’s Instagram, although Britney fans continue to post about it on Twitter, for example remembering reports about Justin’s darkest moments, like when he used the word “nigger” in private.

Even a tabloid publishes that Justin Timberlake had a big musical comeback scheduled, which he would have postponed due to Britney’s release. This has not been confirmed, but it certainly does not seem like the right time for Justin to release a new single. At least until this downpour passes… if it passes at all.

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