Rosalía does not leave her mark on Sia's 'I Had a Heart'

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Sia's discreet initial numbers with 'Reasonable Woman'

Not only Dua Lipa has released an album this week. Sia is another great international artist who has released a new work this Friday, 'Reasonable Woman'. It is the first in eight years, although it may not seem like it. It is true that, in all this time, Sia has published a Christmas album, 'Everyday is Christmas' (2017); a collaborative work with Diplo and Labrinth (2019) and a soundtrack, that of 'Music' (2021). However, her last proper studio album, 'This is Acting', dates back to 2016.

In all this time, Sia has also seen a song from that album, 'Unstoppable', go viral, which, at the time, was only released as a promotional single and, right now, is her most popular song ahead of 'Chandelier'. . And, also, she has achieved modest success with 'Floating Through Space', her latest alliance with David Guetta, and, later, with 'Gimme Love', the first single from 'Reasonable Woman', which has performed well. on radios.

However, none of these hits seem to be enticing audiences to listen to the rest of 'Reasonable Woman'. The first figures, around 200,000 or 300,000 listens per song, except for singles; They are astonishingly modest for an artist of her caliber. Only 'Immortal Queen', a duet with Chaka Khan, seems to be generating some interest and listens to it are close to reaching a million. However, neither Rosalía's signature on 'I Had a Heart', nor the fact that this is Sia Furler's first album in almost a decade, seems to be enough to attract the masses.

It is true that the rest of the singles from 'Reasonable Woman' show decent, although not spectacular, listens. Kylie Minogue's fanbase has helped 'Dance Again' surpass 20 million listens. Her collaboration with Paris Hilton on 'Fame Wo n't Love You' has sparked some curiosity. And Sia's fans have remained loyal to the artist listening to her umpteenth collaboration with Labrinth on 'Incredible', and also the ballad 'I Forgive You'.

However, it is also true that total listens to 'Reasonable Woman' amount to 2.3 million on its release day. In contrast, we must remember that Sia has just signed the 10th most successful album of all of 2016 in the world, the aforementioned 'This is Acting'. By all accounts, the initial numbers for 'Reasonable Woman' are disappointing.

Although perhaps they were expected. After all, the success of 'Gimme Love' has been minuscule: it is by no means the megahit that 'Chandelier' was or 'Unstoppable' has recently been, and the album has not produced any new singles of real impact. Sia's already somewhat repetitive compositions and her fidelity to her childish aesthetic have been able to wear down her current 60 million listeners. Furthermore, Furler's popularity, after her controversies related to autism, is not at its best. The cold reception to 'Reasonable Woman' seems to fit these circumstances.

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