Shure presents its new KSE1200 electrostatic headphones.

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Shure presents its new KSE1200 electrostatic headphones.

Shure expands its electrostatic listening products with the KSE1200 in-ear system

The new KSE1200 system incorporates the company’s innovative technology to deliver unforgettable high-end portable sound

Shure presented the KSE1200 electrostatic in-ear headphone systema portable, high-end audio amplification solution Aimed at high-resolution audio consumers. Developed for those who want to enjoy the best possible sound without sacrificing mobility, the KSE1200 integrates seamlessly with popular portable media players in today’s high-quality audio market. The new model is based on the KSE1500, the world’s first Sound Isolating™ electrostatic in-ear headphone system launched by Shure, and maintains the company’s commitment to innovation in today’s ever-changing portable listening market.

Since the introduction of the KSE1500 three years ago, audiophiles around the world have enjoyed its unparalleled listening experience. The KSE1200 system offers the unparalleled performance and technology of the KSE1500, but does not include the DSP and digital input already found in many current high-quality players. The result is an even more compact, efficient and affordable solution that is achieved thanks to the electronics of the electrostatic section of the amplifier.. With the most transparent listening experience on today’s portable players, The KSE1200 delivers high-fidelity listening when mobility is needed (for example, for critical listening, on business trips and for streaming from a computer, mobile phone or tablet).We know what it takes to design, develop and manufacture audio products of the highest standard. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of in-ear headphones, we can assure that our electrostatic in-ear headphones are the maximum expression of our achievements.” says Matt Engstrom, Senior Category Director at Shure. “The new KSE1200 system was developed for those who prefer the characteristic electrostatic sound, but using their own DAC. Like the KSE1500 system, the KSE1200 produces the highest level of detail and isolation possible in a portable format and we are now delighted to offer electrostatic sound at a more affordable price.”.

The KSE1200 is the result of Shure’s decades of research and experience in developing Sound Isolating in-ear headphones. Adding to the benefits of exceptional technology and sound quality is comfort, not to mention that the new in-ear headphone system has the same stylish and comfortable design of the SE range of headphones that Shure customers are accustomed to.. To ensure safe and comfortable listening, the in-ear headphones are supplied with a kit that includes several pairs of eartips of different sizes.

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