Shinova announce 'El Presente' and premiere 'Alas'

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Shinova announce ‘El Presente’ and premiere ‘Alas’

Shinova is one of the pop-rock groups in Spain that in recent years have managed to make an important commercial leap. ‘Good luck’, his latest album, entered 2021 at number 2 on the Spanish albums chart. Only El Madrileño prevented them from reaching the first position, although ‘La Buena Luce’ did manage to debut at number 1 on the vinyl chart.

At a time when Viva Sweden obtains its first Gold Record and Arde Bogotá is clearly one of the revelations of the year, only time will tell what Shinova’s ceiling is. For now, the group from Vizcaya returns with a new single, the first preview of their new album.

There is no known release date for ‘El Presente’ at the moment, but the first single ‘Alas’ is now available. The press release mentions that ‘Alas’ arrives with an “avant-garde and international” sound. The avant-garde of ‘Alas’ is elusive, but the song clearly seeks an “international” sound referring to British pop-rock, and also to Shinova’s own work.

“With a clear optimistic and energetic message, ‘Alas’ is presented as an authentic mantra destined to conquer every scenario in which its melodies resonate,” continues the note, which reports that the first single from ‘El Presente’ “makes clear the sonic and thematic concept of the album”, being a “powerful, melodic song with a round and direct chorus”.

Shinova has just presented ‘Alas’ at a special event held at the WiZink Center in Madrid on October 18. At the showcase ‘Alas’ was premiered and also its video clip, which we leave you with.

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