Shackleton y Six Organs Of Admittance trabajan juntos

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Shackleton and Six Organs Of Admittance work together

The Berlin musician and producer Shackleton and Six Organs of Admittancethe alter ego of the American guitarist Ben Chasnyhave come together to create a new album, of which they have shared a first preview, “Stages Of Capitulation”.

This single captures the essence of what will be the collaborative work between the German and the American. “Stages Of Capitulation” has acid guitars and a deep bass that makes its way through all the beats of the song. Thus, the two musicians evoke an arcane ritual that they accompany with a video clip made by chasny and that sets the scene for the seven minutes that the song lasts.

As they have always done, the duo of musicians delve into the depths of darkness and the limits of dissonance to pursue their inspiration. Furthermore, they share that essence of transcendental, dissident music, like a psychedelic ritual. Shackleton and Six Organs Of Admittance They seek, at the same time, repetition, cycles; all within alternative sounds. All this has ended up making it inevitable that both of them would end up working together on an entire album called “Jinxed by Being”.

This album is a metaphysical alignment of Shackleton and Six Organs of Admittance, which combines the musical fusion of German bass heavy cosmic dread and the American folk song ritual. Thus, both reinvent themselves through esoteric sounds and sonic textures. Furthermore, the voices of Sam Shackleton —something that happens on very rare occasions—find harmony with those of Ben Chasny in many songs, while both also play with percussion in many other songs on the album. The album will go on sale June 28.

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