Sevdaliza breaks into the charts with the remix of 'Ride or Die'

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Sevdaliza breaks into the charts with the remix of 'Ride or Die'

Sevdaliza, an artist who has been very loved in the international underground for years for albums like 'The Calling' (2018), is living her “commercial era”, as she herself has declared, after her latest single has begun to take off on global charts, unexpectedly.

It is a remix of 'Ride or Die', called 'Ride or Die Pt. II', which features the participation of two names as powerful as Tokischa and Villano Antillano. The original version of 'Ride or Die', published last June, only featured Villano in the role of guest artist.

'Ride or Die' and its subsequent remix have marked a decisive move by Sevdaliza to reggaeton, after many years embracing trip-hop and experimental electronics. However, the instrumental of 'Ride or Die' contains a string pluck that seems to be from Persian tar, which connects with the own origin of Sevda Alizadeh, who is Dutch born in Iran.

In recent days, 'Ride or Die Pt. II' has been climbing positions on Spotify's global list until, first, breaking into the first 50 positions and, then, rising to position 36, which is currently its beak. Today, 'Ride or Die Pt. II' drops to number 88 on Spotify's global chart, marking nearly two million daily listens.

'Ride or Die Pt. II' is being a success especially in Latin America. As for country-specific Spotify charts, 'Ride or Die Pt. II' has arrived to number 1 in El Salvador, number 2 in Colombia and number 3 in Mexico. In Spain she has reached 26th place.

Sevdaliza is preparing the release of her next album, from which she has also released a single with Grimes, 'Nothing Lasts Forever', and another with Elyanna, 'Good Torture'. The video for 'Nothing Lasts Forever' includes a strange “cameo” by Madonna.

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