Sen Senra and Aitana do not add up in 'Beautiful coincidence'

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Sen Senra and Aitana do not add up in 'Beautiful coincidence'

Sen Senra may have one of his biggest hits in his hands. It is a collaboration with Aitana, the fifth most listened to Spanish artist on Spotify.

Together they sing 'Beautiful coincidence', a new preview of the second part of 'PO2054AZ', the album in several volumes by Sen Senra. 'Beautiful coincidence' is not the creative discovery that 'I don't want to be a singer' was, but rather a song attached to the radio formula, so much so that its rumbling drums can remind those of Beyoncé's 'Halo' or Leona Lewis' 'Bleeding Love'. Sen Senra sounding like OneRepublic? It's happening.

Sen Senra's commercial move with Aitana means that 'Beautiful Chance' is not a convoluted or mysterious composition at all. In their favor, it must be said that Sen Senra and Aitana go together singing a beautiful melody that lends itself to collective chorus.

Aitana published a cryptic tweet this weekend in which you could read the title of the Galician's latest project, possibly teasing a collaboration between the two.

Shortly after, it was revealed that the joint single, 'beautiful coincidence', would be available on platforms this Friday, May 31. On the cover of the song the two artists appear ready to have a weight lifting session.

The Catalan opted to keep the track simple, writing just “PO2054AZ.” Sen Senra's ambitious project will be made up of three volumes, of which we can only listen to the first, for now. The release dates of the two remaining deliveries are not yet known.

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