Selena Gomez will be Linda Ronstadt in her biopic

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Selena Gomez will be Linda Ronstadt in her biopic

Selena Gomez takes a giant step in her acting career and will play Linda Ronstadt in a film about her life. Speculation about the role, which began after the artist posted an Instagram story about Ronstadt’s 2013 memoir, has now been confirmed and Selena Gomez’s transformation into the legendary artist will be a reality.

The ‘Single Soon’ singer, who spoke a few days ago about her retirement from music after the release of her next album to dedicate herself entirely to acting, shows that she had a great project up her sleeve. The biopic is currently in pre-production, with Ronstadt’s team attached to it. In fact, it is John Boylan, the star’s agent, and James Keach who are listed as co-producers.

The choice of Selena Gomez as the protagonist was personally approved by Linda Ronstadt, as TMZ has been able to confirm, as she is happy that she wanted to be involved in the project and feels that she fits the role perfectly. The media also reveals that the two met a couple of months ago to talk privately.

The news has shaken Hollywood because this film promises to be a great title to take into account, starting with the mere fact that Selena Gomez is going to be the one to play Ronstadt. Vocal ability is assured and both have a slight resemblance, both being of Mexican descent. However, more details about the cast or a possible release date are still unknown.

Recently Selena Gomez went to the Golden Globes for her nomination for best actress in a comedy or musical series for her role in ‘Only Murders in the Building’. Her presence did not go unnoticed, as a video went viral on social media in which the singer tells alleged gossip about Timothée Chalamet to Taylor Swift. She later denied it: “Wow, I told Taylor about two friends of mine who hooked up. Not that she is anyone’s business.”

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