SAZZA leaves an ex behind in 'Copy of Us'

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SAZZA leaves an ex behind in 'Copy of Us'

Vibra Mahou's Madrid Stages cycle continues, for example, with Chezz's show at Fulanita de Tal today, Thursday, May 23, Tatiana Delalvz's at Siroco on May 28, or Sazza's at Vesta next Thursday, May 30 .

After accumulating hundreds of thousands of views with romantic urban pop, R&B and plain pop songs like '22:22' or 'Como te deconozco', Sazza has new music. The Valencian artist releases her EP 'Nómada' tonight, presented by singles as solid as the mid-tempo 'En el cielo' – which remembers a love that happened, through a shared cigarette or a voice message – or the remarkable 'Copy of us'.

In 'Copia de nosotras', Sazza tries to convince an ex that her thing is behind her, over a sweet guitar that turns into an electropop beat. The song begins in a ballad style, but ends in a Robyn style: “It's for your own good / What a shame that you don't stop looking for me / What a shame that you didn't know how to love / And I know that you don't see it now but I tell you / It's for your good ”.

The EP will include these songs:
1.-In heaven
2.-Copy of us
3.-Lost bullet
4.-Your perfume
5.-You almost left

Apart from this show in Madrid, they await Sazza on June 8, Razzmatazz 2 in Barcelona and on June 14, Volander, in Valencia.

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