Samantha Hudson throws a 1991 rave in 'Chula'

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Samantha Hudson throws a 1991 rave in ‘Chula’

Samantha Hudson continues to tour presenting her show ‘AOVE’, based on the EP of the same name that includes her recent hit ‘Addicted to Sound’. In parallel with the development of the tour, Hudson is releasing new music. It just so happens that Hudson has just received a nomination for the MTV Europe Music Awards, in the category of Best Spanish Artist.

A few days ago the sporadic production of ‘Peluchito’ arrived, and since midnight this Tuesday it is possible to listen to ‘Chula’. Samantha Hudson’s new single opts for a sound decidedly influenced by 90s house, specifically, from 1991… the same one that gave the title to Azealia Banks’ best song (sorry ‘212’).

Azealia’s influence, conscious or not, voluntary or not, on ‘Chula’ is demonstrable for two reasons: ‘Chula’ is a nineties house production that contains obvious echoes of ‘Gypsy Woman’, the 1991 hit by Crystal Waters, present in turn in ‘1991’ (the video clip was a tribute to ‘Gypsy Woman’). Furthermore, Hudson does nothing but rap over the top for the entire 3 and a half minutes of the song, practically running out of breath. No other artist put house-rap on the map as much as Azealia.

On the other hand, it was a matter of time before Hudson published a song called “chula” dedicated to all her friends, who are the coolest aunts, etc. In ‘Chula’, Hudson compliments herself and, at the same time, confronts a toxic individual who feels uncomfortable with her presence. “We don’t want to satisfy you, it’s hard for you to assimilate,” she sings Hudson, alternating between English and Spanish. “Tell your friends how oppressed you feel,” the singer continues, mockingly. She’s just here to have a good time.

We leave you with the imminent ‘AOVE’ tour dates, which are as follows:
October 27 Seville Cartuja Cite
October 28 Granada Aliatar Room
November 18 Madrid La Riviera
November 25 BCN Razzmatazz SOLD OUT
December 1 Pamplona Sala la Zentral
December 9 Vitoria Jimmy Jazz

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