Saiko and Rels B take a third of the Spanish singles chart

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Saiko and Rels B take a third of the Spanish singles chart

Saiko's 'Sakura' is the new number 1 in Spain, displacing Taylor Swift, who goes from number 1 to number 3 with 'The Tortured Poets Department'. In second position we find 'A New Star (1 9 9 3)' by Rels B.

Both Saiko and Rels B also take the singles chart. In the case of Saiko, he appears with up to 17 songs in the top 100, and Rels B with 14. These are the 17 Saiko tracks that we find in the singles list. There are the 16 songs on the album plus her collaboration with Ovy on the Drums.
2.-Badgyal (with JC Reyes)
4.-I dreamed it
12.-Skeleton (with Bryant Myers)
13.-Luna (with Dellafuente)
20.-Telephone number (with Mora)
22.-3 falls
26.-Halley's Comet (with J Balvin)
27.-How the stars sound
28.-Red Thread Lullaby (with Sky Breaking)
34.-Hey BB
40.-Boreal (with Sky Breaking)
46.-Polaris Remix (with Feid, Quevedo, Mora)
59.-Supernova (REENTRY)
65.-Desatá (collaboration with Ovy on the Drums and Myke Towers)
66.-End of August
70.-La Rijana (Caleb Calloway)
97.-Guardian Angel (posthumous)

And these are the 14 Rels B tracks that are in the top 100. They are the 13 songs from their album plus the collaboration with RVFV, which is 6 times platinum.
7.-Life without you
23.-A waste (with Junior H)
35.-Fall from the sky
38.-Behind the DJ
50.-A New Star (2 0 2 4)
51.-Pretty Girl (with Tempoe)
56.-Rapped Love
58.-January 1, Puntacana
74.-Ocean Piano
77.-It turns off, I turn off
80.-The last of the contract
86.-Like a sailboat (interlude)
93.-Forum Sol
100.-My light

As you may have guessed, number 1 is still 'Santa' by Rvssian with Rauw Alejandro and Ayra Starr, and there is still room for more news this week.

'Adivino' by Myke Towers and Bad Bunny reaches number 3, 'Akureyri' by Aitana and Sebastián Yatra at number 8, 'Textos frias' by Jay Wheeler and Mora at number 64, 'Espresso' by Sabrina Carpenter at number 76 and ' A past life' by Camilo and Carin Leon at number 95.

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