Sabrina Carpenter sings of Christmas in 'Santa Doesn't Know You Like I Do'

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Sabrina Carpenter sings of Christmas in ‘Santa Doesn’t Know You Like I Do’

Sabrina Carpenter also sings of Christmas. The artist, who released her third studio album this year, is preparing to close one of the best years of her career with ‘fruitcake’, the Christmas EP that is never missing from any singer’s discography. This one, although at first it may seem as forgettable as the others, has such a Carpenter flavor that it makes it worth it.

Composed of 6 songs, in ‘fruitcake’ there is room for the Christmas version of his hit ‘Nonsense’ from ’emails i can’t send’, which is now titled ‘A Nonsense Christmas’, or the classic Bing Crosby carol ‘White Christmas’ ‘, which she reverts under ‘white xmas’. However, the most notable thing is the original songs. Specifically one of them: ‘Santa doesn’t know you like I do’, third song on the EP.

The song, as pop as the music that already characterizes Sabrina Carpenter, is a lament for unrequited love. For the sound, however, he uses typical Christmas carol instrumentals and manages to make the ballad not so ballad-like thanks to a fairly cheerful base. “Santa doesn’t know you like I do,” she sings in a chorus in which she narrates the reasons why her crush should pay attention to her.

Carpenter takes that typical feeling of wanting to be someone’s partner to spend dates as intimate as Christmas together and successfully transforms it into a song. For the video clip of the song, the artist appears with the person she loves, expressing with images those moments that she imagines she could spend with this boy. But in the end there is only the unknown born of hope: “Well, maybe this Christmas / You will finally realize that I could be the one.”

Sabrina Carpenter’s Christmas EP offers nothing new to what other artists have done before, although it doesn’t intend to. ‘fruitcake’ serves as a gift for a great 2023 for her. ‘Santa Doesn’t Know You Like I Do’ may become a Christmas classic or, as is more likely, it may not, but that doesn’t mean it’s just as enjoyable.

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