Sabela will take her dark pop throughout Spain with GPS

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Sabela will take her dark pop throughout Spain with GPS

We already know who the 6 finalists of Operación Triunfo 2023 are. Almost at the same time, one of the finalists in 2018, Sabela, announces a new tour. These are 6 dates held under the umbrella of Girando por Salas, which as always supports new artists with less than 3 albums on the market.

These concerts are always organized outside the artist’s community of origin, in this case Galicia. The shows will be in Ponferrada (León) on April 12, in Madrid on April 13, in Tafalla (Navarra) on April 26, in Barcelona on April 27, in Seville on May 9 and in Jaén on May 10 .

On this tour the artist continues to present the songs from her second album released last year, ‘Ceniza’, marked by the loss of her father. “It is very marked by death, but there is also life in it, because one is part of the other,” she confessed in La Voz de Galicia. «One has the sensation of feeling great pain when making songs. But time does its job and you separate yourself a little from the emotion. However, when I make the songs I try to go back there, because it seems to me the only way to convey the original feeling.

It was therefore a darker album, in which the synthesizers of the synth-pop or even trance school pushed the songs into murky territories. The best example was ‘La Piedra’, the greatest proof of the extent to which contrast works in music. The lyrics tell us about “the purest water of all the seas” or “the tenderest laughter that can touch you”… while the music reveals to us that something has gone wrong, that it has not worked: Sabela sounds angry in her, even with a certain desire for revenge.

The album, which was presented with the single ‘Ya no me Quiero ir’ (which has an ending in “trance” mode), also contained songs as interesting as the semi-trip hop ballad ‘I don’t know what you feel’ or the title track ‘Cenizas’, with a more folkloric and ancestral nuance in melody and vocal interpretation. You will like the latter if you like Maria Arnal and María José Llergo.

In this five-year career, Sabela has already performed on stages such as the Noroeste Festival, SonRías Baixas and O Son do Camiño. Baiuca, Xoel López, Tanxugueiras and Luisa Sobral are among the people she has worked with. Tickets and many other dates for her upcoming tour are available on her website.

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