RZM+ (Rizomes) celebrará su cuarta edición en junio

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RZM+ (Rizomes) will celebrate its fourth edition in June

The festival RZM+, Rizomesthe antithesis of macro festivals, will celebrate its fourth edition of the June 22 to 24.

The event is defined as a different multidisciplinary cultural experience in the form of an ecosystem festival on the banks of the river, in the forest of Can Ribes at La Cellera de Ter in Girona. It is a sustainable event in which closeness between artists and the public prevails. Furthermore, the connection with nature gains a privileged position.

The poster focuses on all areas, both on the international, national and local scene. Among the twenty-five confirmed international and local artists, names such as Meritxell Neddermann, The Sara Fontán, Meritxell De Soto, Mans O, Deep Secrets, Levitation Orchestra, Ciutat, Garru, St Frances, Lanav, Mirlo or Sami Sameer. It will also go through the stages of Rizomes Leon Røsten, Isak's Island, Sketeches Of Carol either Nea Onnim Collective.

Eight new confirmations have been added to the first 17 confirmations, among which are the duo Citythe dreamlike performance of Laura Weissmahrthe trio Goliad, Not me and Gullen united under the name AudiA3, Golden Specter, Kin'Golo Kiniata, Deep Secrets and Verushka dfrom I Feel Strangethe colective FLINTA and a DJ set by Dudu.

The festival Rhizomes (RZM+)formerly known as Rhizome (RZM) It is a multidisciplinary meeting that combines music, architecture, artistic installations and gastronomy from a sustainable point of view, far from the urban center.

1,000 tickets and camping are already on sale so that attendees who arrive on time can share an experience with a different approach, far from the macro-festival, which embodies a marked commitment to sustainability. You can get your tickets here.

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