Rotel RMB-1587MKII and RMB-1585MKII multichannel power amplifiers

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Rotel RMB-1587MKII and RMB-1585MKII multichannel power amplifiers

The veteran Japanese firm Rotel has just launched a careful review of two of its most multichannel power stages emblematic, the RMB-1587 and the RMB-1587, which are now called RMB-1587MKII and RMB-1587MKII respectively. In both cases they have introduced changes to key components and circuits to provide sound reproduction Genuinely High End, which will satisfy the most demanding cinephiles and audiophiles alike. Thus, the Class AB amplification circuitry of the 7-channel model, the RMB-1587MKII, is structured around two huge toroidal transformers self-made high current capacitors, designed to supply ultra-stable current to a set of 8 high-efficiency energy storage capacitors.

RMB-1587MKII Rotel

Unlike power amplifiers whose output is reduced when multiple channels are driven simultaneously, this superb electronics delivers 155 continuous watts per channel over 8 ohms, which become 250 watts continuous above 4 ohms, in both cases with all channels excited, and can also supply 335 watts, also continuous, to 4 ohm speakers when configured in stereo. In order to optimize its cooling, the RMB-1587MKII is equipped with 4 ultra-quiet fans variable speed, regulated by thermostat, as well as practical XLR and RCA inputs with automatic switching ensure compatibility with any A/V processor or receiver, while a input and one output for trigger signal 12V cables provide simplified start-up control. For its part, the RMB-1585MKII shares the same architecture as its older sister, in order to power high-level 5-channel Home Theater systems, the main difference in the functional area being the existence of a switch on the rear panel which is intended to select normal 5-channel or Bi-Amp operating mode.

RMB-1585MKII Rotel

In it Bi-Amp, channels 1+2 and 4+5 are wired so that they receive the same input signal, making simple bi-amping possible. This unique configuration allows you to use a independent amplification in the high frequency (HF) and low frequency (LF) transducers of the left and right main speakers, the result being a improved dynamics and one higher resolution. When it comes to power output, the RMB-1585MKII delivers 210 continuous watts per channel over 8 ohms which become 340 continuous watts over 4 ohms, in both cases with all channels excited, and can also provide spectacular 440 wattsequally continuous, per channel to 4 ohm speakers when configured in stereo.

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