Rosalía talks about her experience in 'Tú si que vales'

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Rosalía talks about her experience in ‘Tú si que vales’

Rosalía is on the cover of the November issue of Vogue Spain, and the interview is actually a conversation with Penélope Cruz. Rosalía and Penélope coincided in the filming of ‘Pain and Glory’ by Pedro Almodóvar and, on this occasion, they shared a chat via Zoom with Vogue where – apart from loving each other very much – they talk about their respective careers or fame.

As they both talk about their beginnings in the industry, Penelope asks Rosalía about her participation in the talent contest ‘Tu si que vales’ on Telecinco in 2008. So, there are still a few years left for Rosalía to make herself known. with ‘Los Ángeles’, her 2017 debut and a “sleeper” on the Spanish charts, and with ‘Antes de muerteme’, her duet with C. Tangana.

Rosalía positively values ​​the experience of having participated in ‘Tú si que vales’: «At 13 years old I already knew that I wanted to sing and be on stage. I had that concern, but I didn’t know very well how to open the melon because in my house no one was dedicated to anything that has to do with the industry. Then I saw that there was a casting in Barcelona and I skipped school that day to go with a friend. And I managed to get into the program. In front of Noemí Galera and Ángel Llàcer, Rosalía sang ‘Like in an eternal sea’ by Hanna and ‘Leave (Get Out)’ by JoJo. The result was not what was expected and Rosalía did not advance to the semifinals. The judges’ assessment was not very positive. The singer remembers: “It was an experience and I learned a lot, because I realized that you have to prepare a lot, so it was a lesson in humility.”

Looking back, Vil Tobella explains that the meaning that being an artist had for her at that time is not the same as it is now. «What it means for one to be an artist changes over time. At that time, for me it was very related to the stage, but from the age of 16 or 17, I began to want to choose what to write and what to sing. Then, as I got older, I also wanted to decide what the production was going to sound like and what the visuals were going to be like.”

At another point in the interview, Penélope asks Rosalía about her current musical plans. The singer alludes to her collaboration with Björk, which at the time of the interview has not been announced, and assures that she is writing a second song “to always keep in touch with my part as a composer, but not with the intention of giving shape to the song.” project”.

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