Rosalía does not leave her mark on Sia's 'I Had a Heart'

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Rosalía does not leave her mark on Sia's 'I Had a Heart'

Rosalía is part of Sia's new album. 'Reasonable Woman' is the Australian's tenth studio album and is her first major project since the release of 'This Is Acting' in 2016. However, the big surprise is that one of the songs features the participation of Rosalía, who appears in the composition credits.

Up to sixteen songs make up Sia's new album, of which five were previewed: her collaboration with Kylie Minogue 'Dance Alone', 'Gimme Love', 'Incredible' with Labrinth, 'I Forgive You' and her song with Paris Hilton 'Fame Won't Love You'. 'I Had a Heart' is the fourth track on the album and features Rosalía in the credits.

“Oh, I had a heart as bright as the stars / You had a gun and you kept me in the dark / And I had a laugh that you broke in half / And I had a heart that I thought you would make it stop beating,” he sings Sia in 'I Had a Heart', a ballad in which it is difficult to imagine what Rosalía has added. The song is written by Sia, Rosalía and American songwriter Jesse Shatkin.

Although she has yet to release any new music, Rosalía has been collaborating with other artists over the past few months. One case was the publication of 'Oral' by Björk, the Icelandic's biggest success in 20 years, the proceeds of which have gone to combat fish farming exploitation in Iceland. Now, the artist collaborates for the first time with Sia on 'I Had a Heart'.

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