Romy adapts Donna Lewis and it turns out well

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Romy adapts Donna Lewis and it turns out well

Romy has decided to take her love of 90s dance music one step further by adapting Donna Lewis in her new single, 'Always Forever'. The interpolation comes, of course, from 'I Love You Always Forever', one of 1996's biggest hits in the world.

Romy doesn't mess around and respects the iconic chorus of 'I Love You Always Forever' in her adaptation. Her personal voice brings her personal brand to the recording, while producers Fred again and Joy Anonymous – along with Romy herself – raise the bpm of 'I Love You Always Forever', taking the song to the imagination of 'Mid Air' ( 2023).

Romy's proposal convinces in its deliberate homage. The dance base of 'Always Forever' is just as basic and effective as that of 'Mid Air'. After all, the producers involved are the same as those on that album. And, although someone doesn't deliver his best vocal production here, the chorus of 'Always Forever' is as euphoric as the original recording demands.

'I Love You Always Forever' was one of the biggest pop hits in the year of the Spice Girls phenomenon. Specifically, it was the 9th biggest hit of that year globally according to Mediatraffic's annual estimate. In both the United Kingdom and the United States, 'I Love You Always Forever' was one of the best-selling singles of that year. In addition, it reached the top 10 in fifteen countries.

In an interview with JENESAISPOP, Romy talked about her love for 90s and 2000s dance. «I'm not trying to be “cool” with this album, I really love these songs, I love how they are written and the level of emotion that “They are capable of transmitting,” he said in the interview, published again in full in the 2023 Yearbook.

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