Rojuu visits 'the lake of the soul' and many cities in Spain

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Rojuu visits ‘the lake of the soul’ and many cities in Spain

‘The Lake of the Soul’ is the first stop on a journey that Rojuu has just begun. The Catalan artist, who has welcomed 2024 with the publication of a new song, takes refuge in melancholy through a song that alludes to memories and those who are no longer here. It is his sincere vision of the past that gives beauty to a feeling that is born from the present.

Supported by alternative pop-rock, ‘El Lago Del Alma’ presents a Rojuu who is more interested in praising his emotions than in everything else. In fact, the artist defies typical structures and only needs two minutes to create a song that feels complete. The title doesn’t even appear in any of the verses, playing on a deeper, more poetic feel.

«If the angels cry barefoot, I / I’m not going to be the one to stab them with a saber / Mor, what do you see in me? Give me a place / I paint the sky for you in clouds to embroider,” Rojuu sings to someone who is gone. If the author addresses a deceased person or a person who has decided to abandon him, he is left to the interpretive freedom of the listener. And, as contradictory as it may seem, the message of the song is as evident as it is not very illuminating, that being its magic.

This is the first preview of Rojuu’s next album, which still does not have a release date but does have a title: ‘Los Sueños de Nube’. In addition, the album will also serve as the soundtrack for the comic of the same name prepared by the artist, written and illustrated by himself. Meanwhile, he will visit some cities in Spain in what is the prologue of a tour that will be much larger.

08.02.2024 – ALICANTE – THE ONE (Buy ticket)
09.02.2024 – VALENCIA – REPVBLICCA (Buy ticket)
02/10/2024 – MURCIA – MAMBA! (Buy ticket)
02/17/2024 – ZARAGOZA – LAS ARMAS (Buy ticket)
02/22/2024 – GIJÓN – ALBÉNIZ (Buy ticket)
02/23/2024 – SANTANDER – SANTANDER STAGE (Buy ticket)
01.03.2024 – SALAMANCA – CAMELOT (Buy ticket)
02.03.2024 – VALLADOLID – LA CASA DEL SOL (Buy ticket)
08.03.2024 – A CORUÑA – PLAYA CLUB (Buy ticket)
09.03.2024 – SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA – CAPITOL (Buy ticket)
03/22/2024 – MÁLAGA – PARIS 15 (Buy ticket)
03/23/2024 – GRANADA – INDUSTRIAL COPERA (Buy ticket)

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