Rodrigo Cuevas, National Prize for Current Music 2023

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Rodrigo Cuevas, National Prize for Current Music 2023

Rodrigo Cuevas is the recipient of the National Prize for Current Music, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The award rewards artists who have carried out outstanding work in this sector with 30,000 euros. Among the pop music artists who have previously received this award are Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Mala Rodríguez and Christina Rosenvinge.

The National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, has given the news. Citing his message, “The jury has highlighted the uniqueness of his work, “which unites traditional folk music and contemporary popular music,” as well as the intensity of his live performances and “his extremely personal imagery.”

A few weeks ago, Rodrigo Cuevas published his second album, ‘Manual de Romería’. The album, which has entered at number 9 in sales in Spain, is the best album of his career thanks to the wonderful songs it includes, such as ‘Allá arribita’ or the singles ‘Más animal’ or ‘Casares’. ‘Manual de Cortejo’, the album that put him on the map, was released in 2019. Before that he published the EP ‘Prince of Verdiciu’ (2016) and the album ‘Yo soy la maga’ (2012).

Very well known are the live shows from Cuevas, where they combine Asturian folklore and cabaret, such as ‘Electrocuplé’. In an interview with this same medium, Cuevas has stated that he does not conceive his musical work without associating it with a live show, and that he considers the concert the culmination of his project: For me the album is the presentation of what I am going to do later. on a stage. If it were up to me I would hardly make records, I would make shows.

The ‘Manual de Romería’ live show, called ‘La Romería’, kicked off last June, and will continue throughout 2024.

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