Rodrigo Cuevas and Tulsa, nominated for a Noise Award with major absences

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Rodrigo Cuevas and Tulsa, nominated for a Noise Award with major absences

Premio Ruido has announced its list of albums nominated for National Album of the Year. In the past, the award has recognized great albums by Rosalía, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Niño de Elche and Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagès. The winning album of the last edition was ‘Tercer cielo’ by BRONQUIO and Rocío Márquez.

The 12 nominated albums, in alphabetical order, are

‘El Camino’, from Adiós Amores,
‘Casa Linda’, in Cala Vento,
‘Machinery’, by Havalina,
‘Not yet’, by La Paloma,
‘RONEO FUNK CLUB’, from La Plazuela,
‘ULTRABEAUTY’, by María José Llergo,
‘From flowers and entrails’, by Women,
‘Pilgrimage Manual’, by Rodrigo Cuevas,
‘A lifetime, one day’, by Silvia Pérez Cruz,
‘SED’, from Bizarre Love Triangle,
‘Amadora’, from Tulsa and
‘Caldo espírito’, by Xoel López

Among the major absences from the Premio Ruido nominations, we must highlight those of Sen Senra, who has also published one of the best national albums of 2023; Ralphie Choo, whose ‘Supernova’ has received praise from even the most influential international press; and ‘Plena Pausa’ by J.

Since 2015, the PAM – made up of more than 200 active music informants – has recognized the talent of bands and artists on the national scene with the presentation of the Ruido Award for the Best Album of the Year produced in Spain. The next Premio Ruido winning album will be unveiled at a gala of which all the details will soon be revealed.

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