Roberta Marrero dies

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Roberta Marrero dies

Roberta Marrero died this Friday, May 17, at the age of 52. According to her editors, she has decided to take her own life, leaving a note that said “I love you, all.”

The artist was well known in the 2000s, as a DJ in the electroclash era. At that time she appeared in the movie 'Descongélate!' by Dunia Ayaso and Félix Sabroso and she published a couple of solo albums, such as 'A la vanguard del danger' (2005).

In her last stage she was best known for her work of plastic art and as a writer, publishing books such as 'The Green Baby: Childhood, Transsexuality and Pop Heroes', 'We Can Be Heroes. A celebration of LGTBQ+ culture' and 'Everything was for being fire'. Her latest book from this year was 'Right to Appointment'.

Just a few weeks ago an interview of his appeared in El Diario. In it he talked about death and durability over time.

He said: “Now that I'm getting older, I'm thinking about what to do with my copyrights, which are now worthless, but who knows, if I just die, I'll start to be the greatest, damned, great poet.” suddenly you are translated into 75 languages. So I have to think who I leave them with. I also have to decide if I want something to be published after my death or not. I think of Marjorie Cameron, who destroyed her paintings, in her case for an esoteric reason, and I would have to do the same. Destroy everything. Like Marga Gil Roësset, who destroyed her work just before committing suicide, at the age of 20. Yes, exactly. “I don't have that concern about lasting, I don't think it's going to happen.”

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