Robe and Estopa refused to appear in 'El Madrileño' by C. Tangana

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Robe and Estopa refused to appear in ‘El Madrileño’ by C. Tangana

C. Tangana was the first guest of the new season of ‘Lo de Évole’. Surely at his request, C. Tangana’s name was not used to promote the program, whose official hashtag was #LoDePucho. On a trip to Italy in which we saw Pucho in luxury hotels, driving a convertible or drinking wine from huge glasses, the artist gave a more calm and mature image. Almost sad. Pucho talked about having started going to therapy, although he acknowledges that at the moment he has not found a professional that he likes. Évole responded that he got it right the second time.

As we advanced a few days ago based on the first videos provided to the press, Pucho spoke about his complex relationship with fame and his desire to transcend. His wish is for his songs to be sung “by a gypsy in 70 years,” but as a character, he doesn’t care if he isn’t remembered.

In one of the most fun and interesting moments from a social point of view, Pucho remembered when he worked at Pans & Company on Gran Vía. Other rappers looked at him badly, because it is better seen to “pass joints”, and he assured that the company of fast food owes him 600 euros in overtime. “If someone likes my music, let them never eat anything there again,” he challenged while Jordi Évole joked about losing advertisers. We await the official response from Pans & Company.

Regarding joints, he specifically spoke about their power to generate paranoia and the importance of having left them (“like Bad Gyal now”), and he also stated that Operación Triunfo sought controversy when he tried to interview him after performing ‘A Poison’ on the program. “I think they looked for it because I told them I was doing the performance, they had asked me many times, and I wanted to do the music and leave because I don’t agree with what the program completely means.”

Pucho criticized the name of the contest, since all that seems to matter to them is the “Triumph” and not “the art or the music”, and he went only because his song ‘Un Poison’ speaks of his “immeasurable ambition”, of his complex relationship. with fame, so premiering it precisely in OT made sense to it.

Among the most curious moments in music, C. Tangana recognized what he considers the great value of his music: having restored its value to what is traditional. As for turning points as an author, for him it was when Elíades Ochoa praised his skills in the studio, working together. The recognition “from Rockdelux” ensures that he “sweats it.”

Of course, those who were not at ‘El Madrileño’ as guests because they rejected it were Estopa. Pucho seemed stung for not having achieved the latter, and very interested in why. Jordi Évole tried to mislead him and tease him by claiming that he knew the reason or even had something to do with his rejection, but he was hesitant. He was closer to participating in the album Robe. They worked on a song called ‘Un pisito en la M30’ that Pucho considered to be in the style of the leader of Extremoduro. However, Robe found the chorus “cheesy”, although he liked the verses.

The mention of Rosalía could not be missed. The hiccups were interrupted by Évole’s question about how incredible it is that both of them have coincided in the same space and time, and about her resemblance to the actress from the video for ‘You stopped loving me’. «It’s nice, I think we are not at the same level, Rosalía’s impact is much greater than the one I have had. Especially internationally.”

At that moment he seemed to be referring to the fact that ‘El Madrileño’ has actually sold more (180,000 copies) than ‘Motomami’ (120,000 copies) but only in Spain, of course. Outside, Rosalía’s impact in terms of media, arenas where she performs and festivals, is much greater. Asked about an upcoming collaboration, she dryly responded that “Anything can happen in life.”

As a curiosity, your interest in the point of sea bass or the ways of cooking sea bass, you already know, comes from a long time ago.

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