Rigoberta Bandini colabora con los franceses Bon Entendeur

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Rigoberta Bandini collaborates with the French Bon Entendeur

The Catalan Rigoberta Bandini has joined the French group's new album Bon Entendeur in one of his latest singles, “Petit bonbon”

The singer continues to expand her musical universe, crossing borders with her latest collaboration. The Catalan artist joins the French group Bon Entendeur in a single full of color that shows the good harmony between the two. Thus, Rigoberta Bandini continues with its exploration of affinities and new spaces of co-creation after the releases of “Que más da” with Julieta Venegas and “La Niña Bonita” with Pipiolas.

With “Petit Bonbon”, Rigoberta Bandini has been added to the album Bon Entendeur, an album of twelve songs with six collaborations (you can also listen to his song with Nicoletta). It is a song that perfectly combines the instrumental freshness of the French with the emotion, sincerity and delicacy that the voice of Rigoberta Bandini. Thus, “Petit Bonbon” evokes the feeling of when the sea breeze and the last rays of sun of the day cover you after a long day at the beach. And with this song, the French and the Catalan transport the listener directly to those summer loves, intense but ephemeral, that adapt to the tempos of the holidays before returning to the everyday life of everyday life. The lyrics are full of images and pop references, a trademark of the house of Rigoberta Bandini.

Thus, the French add to “Rivages” a special style with the influence of Catalan in a summery and colorful theme.

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