RHODES wants to change what he knows in 'All I've Ever Known'

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RHODES wants to change what he knows in ‘All I’ve Ever Known’

RHODES began 2023 with the publication of her second album, ‘Friends Like These’, which she recorded during quarantine. But, as if this time he had no time to waste, the British artist is already preparing his next album: ‘un-finished’. Already immersed in his new project, the artist says goodbye to the year with the release of ‘All I’ve Ever Known’, his new single.

‘All I’ve Ever Known’ is the fifth song already known from ‘un-finished’, which will be released on March 1. The song follows a dynamic quite similar to those published so far, with an intimate and melancholic vibe that uses commercial sounds that are reminiscent, for example, of some of Ed Sheeran’s biggest hits. However, its best asset is the lyrical content, to which it manages to give all the weight.

The artist does not propose anything in ‘All I’ve Ever Known’ that has not already been done. The ballad, lifted mainly by the piano and its moments of greatest intensity, deals with the fear of giving everything for a person again after having left a failed relationship. And, although it could be said that it is just another ballad of the many that have already been made on the same topic, it works. It works because RHODES has a fundamental factor for this type of songs: his voice transmits. And his lament feels so real and honest that it manages to make the listener empathize.

“How can I keep you close to me, when all I’ve ever known / Is that love will go away, that’s how I’ve grown up,” the artist sings before diving into the chorus. The theme is absolutely universal and RHODES figures out how to make it seem special. «In the past I have been self-destructive and I have always run away from good things out of fear. “Writing this song helped me a lot to overcome some of those feelings,” he wrote on social media. Somehow, he gets the verses to say it for him.

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