RHA presents its new innovations at IFA 2016.

Audio equipment

RHA presents its new innovations at IFA 2016.

RHA has announced the launch at IFA 2016 of three new products that become part of its catalog specialized in high-resolution personal audio equipment.
The new range includes the brand’s first portable headphone amplifier/DAC, the Dacamp L1, and two high-resolution in-ear headphones: the flagship CL1 Ceramic and the stainless steel CL750.
“We have developed this new collection for those users who demand more
of personal audio, our goal is to reproduce a complete hi-fi experience in
movement,” explained RHA product manager Lewis Heath. “The launch of
a completely new specialized product range represents our
commitment to technological innovation, design and manufacturing, and is the
perfect way to highlight the fifth anniversary of the company’s founding.”

Dacamp L1
The Dacamp L1 is a headphone amplifier with DAC with
dedicated channels. The Dacamp L1 is RHA’s first product in this category,
and uses a DAC chip ES9018K2M and a class AB amplifier for each channel
stereophonic; a configuration that allows processing of files
highest quality digital audio from mobile sources
as fixed. The Dacamp L1 has balanced and unbalanced outputs, with
which can attack a very wide spectrum of high-quality headphones.
• Double DAC, ESS Saber ES9018K2M and Class AB Amplifiers
• Supports high resolution audio formats
up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD 11.2MHz
• Headphone jacks: 4-pin mini XLR (balanced) and 3.5mm minijack
• Digital inputs: USB A, Micro USB B and mini TOSLINK (optical)
• Compatibility: Mobile and fixed devices
Android, PC, Mac, iOS (MFi certified)
• 4000mAh li-ion battery for an autonomy of 10
hours of operation with power pack function.
• Three levels of gain control and bass and treble adjustments.

CL1 Ceramic
Optimized for use with amplifiers, the CL1 Ceramic combines
Two exclusive transducer technologies for seamless control
precedents over an extended frequency range. The transducer
Dynamic CL of these headphones has been designed to obtain maximum
accuracy in bass and mids, while the ceramic plate driver
It takes care of high frequencies and harmonic tones precisely.
The CL1 also features the first ceramic casings and
Detachable cable with a shape adaptable to the contour of the ear,
providing a high degree of comfort and durability.
• High resolution with dual transducer configuration:
CL Dynamic and ceramic plate drivers
• ZrO2 injected zirconia ceramic shells
• Detachable cable with MMCX connector
• Ag4x braided cable with silver core (Mini XLR
4-pin) and OFC cable (3.5mm/6.25mm)
• Moldable cable adaptable to the contour of the ear for greater comfort
• Accessories: 11 pairs of silicone and foam ear tips
Comply™, clothespin, protective case and cloth.

The CL750 uses the CL Dynamic ultra-wideband dynamic transducer
from RHA to achieve authentic sound reproduction up to 45kHz.
Drawing inspiration from the design of the critically acclaimed and acclaimed MA750, the CL750
It is built with stainless steel housings that maintain the design of
Aerophonic™ from RHA, and also includes a new copper braided cable
oxygen free. The CL750 is optimized for use with amplifiers,
and has been certified High-Resolution Audio by the Japan Audio Society.
• Ultra-wideband dynamic transducer
• Stainless steel housings with Aerophonic™ design
• Braided OFC cable with 3.5mm or 6.25mm connectors
• Flexible cable adaptable to the contour of the ear
• Accessories: 11 pairs of silicone and foam ear tips
Comply™, clothing clip and protective case.

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