Remi Wolf is everything he wants to be in the summery 'Cinderella'

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Remi Wolf is everything he wants to be in the summery 'Cinderella'

Everything indicates that this summer it will be from Remi Wolf. He already made us fall in love with his first album, 'Juno', in 2021, and the first singles from his second LP suggest that it will be repeated again. 'Cinderella', the Californian artist's summer anthem, is our Song of the Day.

'Cinderella' is the introductory single from 'Big Ideas', the second from the Californian, and it is a complete funk pop banger in which Wolf sings about being “yellow”, “orange” or “purple”. In short, “any color of the rainbow.” In the artist's words, the lyrics come from a time when she found herself involved in “a rollercoaster of emotions, going from feeling totally insecure, to totally fine, to depressed and back to being OK.”

Musically, it has all the ingredients to become one of the key songs of the summer: catchy hooks, whistles, bells and a groove carefully designed to make anyone who hears it feel like Remi herself in the song's video. In it, by the way, Mac Demarco has a cameo as a street ice cream man. When it seems that it can't get any better, some trumpets appear that totally define the nostalgic seventies feeling that the Californian intended to convey, while sounding like a totally current product.

'Big Ideas' will be available starting July 12 and, apart from 'Cinderella', will include the singles 'Toro', about having sex in a hotel, and 'Alone in Miami', in which he lowers the revs to make a detailed account of his lonely week in Florida's most famous city. Wolf has detailed that the songs on his second LP are about “love, lust, anger, fantasies, harsh realities, vices, very low points and very high points.”

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