Rels B doesn't know what 'life without you' is and releases a new album

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Rels B doesn't know what 'life without you' is and releases a new album

Rels B is back on the music scene with 'a new star (1993)', his new album. The singer, who has just released his previous album last year, 'AfroLOVA' 23', is ready to welcome another stage in his career. The album, which will be published this Friday, has been presented in the company of Lia Kali, who collaborates with the artist on the already published 'La Vida Sin Ti'.

Abandoning the more tropical sounds of his latest work, Rels B once again opts for a minimalist production that highlights the narrative of the song. “You are the window to the world where I looked / I thought about the future and you painted colors / All my mornings, all my craziness / Now so distant, so full of doubts / These butterflies hardly fly anymore / They are trapped, wrapped in fabric,” sings the artist.

During the central part of the song, Rels B cries for an old relationship that, despite having ended, is still very present in his life. «Why pretend? Why think that I'll be fine without seeing you? / Tell me that everything is a lie and when I wake up it's not reality », he is sincere. The chorus, however, falls on Lia Kali, who appears only to open and close the song: «The bed without you / A square without people / A destitute sheikh / A pot without salt / Life without you / A guitar without a string / A lighter without a stone / A flight under the sea.

With just three days until the release of 'a new star (1993)', Rels B gives his followers “a little gift” of what is coming in the new album. “My heart goes into these little songs, I really have never felt so connected to music,” admits the singer. Up to thirteen new songs will be available this Friday on digital platforms.

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