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REL Acoustics 212SE

The perfect synthesis of quantity and quality in very high-performance, versatile subwoofers.

The renowned British firm REL Acoustics, a pioneer and one of the undisputed leaders in its field, has just launched the 212SE, an ambitious subwoofer that breaks ground due to the exceptional combination of technological power, design and functionality it offers. Presented by its creators as a product in which quality and quantity merge in equal parts, the 212SE not only aims to reproduce the visceral sensations associated with full-size reproduction of bass and low end, but also to restore the warmth and harmonic structure of the midrange. The combination of speed of response, strength and elegance that it provides makes it ideal for stereo systems, large rooms and custom-made Home Theater equipment, allowing, at the same time, the speakers it accompanies to express themselves at the same time. one hundred percent of its potential.

In terms of engineering, the 212SE is a product in which highly sophisticated solutions have been incorporated, starting with a stylized vertical profile enclosure, whose base occupies a surface of very modest dimensions (436×507 mm) that facilitates its installation. The heart of the new REL is made up of two active front-firing speakers that have a metal alloy cone with a continuous profile of 300 mm in diameter and are complemented by two other passive speakers that have the same characteristics and are located in the panels. posterior and inferior. A key aspect of the 212SE is that the particular structure of the transducers used allows their moving mass to be reduced while maintaining rigidity, which translates into a response speed and precision much higher than those exhibited by previous designs. On the other hand, the use of such a complex active/passive configuration allows for an acoustic emission area equivalent to that provided by two 432 mm diameter active speakers, as well as special characteristics impossible to obtain from a conventional design. conventional. Logically, the “muscular” part of the 212SE lives up to its speaker equipment and the demands of REL Acoustics for such an exclusive subwoofer. Specifically, a next-generation NextGen3 1,000-watt continuous “digital” amplifier and input circuitry equipped with an extremely fast digital filter, allowing each speaker to provide a maximum sound pressure level of 110 dB without distortion. A detail that reveals the purist conception of the 212SE is that it does not include a high-pass filtering circuit in order to avoid conflicts with the bass section of the main speakers, which could cause unwanted effects on the sound. Finally, we must highlight the generous connectivity of the new subwoofer from REL Acoustics, with high level inputs through a Speakon connector and stereo and monophonic line level inputs with RCA connectors, to which we must add the optional possibility of wireless connection via the robust LongBow compression-free link (effective over distances up to 15 meters within the same room).

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