Rega presents the new Planar 1 turntable

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Rega presents the new Planar 1 turntable

We are delighted to announce the replacement for the RP1, the new Planar 1.

Our designers have put a twist on virtually every detail of our best-selling turntable to bring you the best entry-level product we’ve ever produced, while keeping the price at a very competitive level.

Product Details


Brand new RB110 arm, with Rega’s new custom design of the very low friction bearing assembly (patent pending).

New integrated bias assembly and arm support, with automatic bias adjustment, thus avoiding the need for the user to make adjustments, making this turntable the most “plug & play” we have ever made.

New capsule holder, ergonomic and more rigid, to facilitate its use and improve its appearance.


We supply the Rega Carbon capsule as standard.

24V motor

This is the first entry level Rega turntable to incorporate a 24V synchronous motor with a new PCB and aluminum pulley.


New thermostable glossy laminate base with a much improved pass-through and a more ergonomically positioned switch at the bottom.

It has two amazing finishes: lacquered black and white.

Center bearing

Redesigned brass bearing offers improved fit and reduced pressure on itself while minimizing potential energy transfer (patent pending).


New 23 mm phenolic chainring and greater mass with improved flywheel effect to increase speed stability.

Redesigned feet

New and improved foot system to increase stability and reduce vibration transfer.

Engine cover tray – with integrated cooling.


New 111g counterweight, “put on and go”.

Upgrade package

After-sales upgrade package available: Performance: Bias 2 capsule, 100% wool mat and better strap (Now available for RP1, Planar 1 and Planar 2). This upgrade package will NOT be supplied from the factory on the new Planar 1.

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