Rega presents its new PLANAR 6

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Rega presents its new PLANAR 6

The new Planar 6 has one goal: play vinyl as accurately as possible. We have designed every aspect of this turntable to extract as much detail as possible from the vinyl surface. Advanced materials and engineering solutions have been used throughout the design to ensure the highest level of performance. The Neo power supply offers electronic speed change and the possibility for the user to make fine adjustments, an option that until now only the RP10 offered.


New lightweight foam core chassis.

Chassis laminate: new Polaris HPL (high pressure laminate). Matte, rigid and scratch-resistant finish.

Lacquered black polymer edges.

Top level white strap as standard item.

Double layer clear/smoked float glass platter.

One-piece aluminum subplatter.

New high precision machined pulley.

Patent pending brass center bearing.

Rega double-reinforced technology, with custom aluminum arm and four axes to ensure maximum rigidity and precision.

New NEO power supply, advanced anti-vibration motor circuit, with electronic speed adjustment for the user (as we already saw in the RP10 power supply).

The NEO source incorporates the DSP (digital signal processing) generator built on highly stable crystal. The DSP generator will split the precise signal from the crystal to the exact frequency needed to spin the platter at the selected speed. The DSP generator will also generate a near-perfect sine wave to drive the motor. This, together with an efficient amplifier, generates a balanced 24V AC signal with less than 0.15% distortion, which is not affected by any change in voltage or supply conditions. This, in turn, moves the anti-vibration circuit, which is located under the turntable.

Handcrafted RB330 arm with custom stainless steel counterweight.

Rega’s new low-noise 24V synchronous motor – each motor is associated – one by one – with a NEO source to ensure maximum anti-vibration control.

New smoked dust cover.

New aluminum trims and Planar style feet.

Available with factory-fitted Ania MC capsule.


Turntable dimensions (W x D x H): 448 x 365 x 120 mm (with lid closed)

Weight: 5.2kg

Neo Dimensions (W x D x H): 180 x 155 x 50 mm

Weight: 0.6kg

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